4 months since I moved to France.

I LOVE IT. I absolutely love it. I live in a city called Lille. 2 hours away (north of Paris). I study at ISA university. I already feel home at Foyer International Residence. I have many international friends from, Mexico, Romania and France of course. I have already traveled to 5 countries other than France of course. One good thing about my visa is that it allows me to travel to European countries without separate visas. So I’m going to make the most of it. 2019, is going to be about traveling, exploring more French culture. Working along with the French. I need to speak more french. Socialize more, attend more parties. And most importantly stay in touch with people. So far, I never bothered to stay in touch with people other than my two best friends and my family. But now, I find myself talking to more number of people and I find solace in that. You realize that in the end you do need your fellow humans to stay positively happy. I am also going to explore new music. And I absolutely do not want to stop writing. I am still single. At this phase of my life, it’s perfect. Time for self discovery and relaxation. I realized that I am afraid of expressing my thoughts. This has been a problem since my childhood. How do I work on this? So I come out as too bossy at certain instances when I often have the urge to express my thoughts without considering the level of the situation. So where is the middle ground where I balance out my inner battles? When will I reach a phase in my life where I do not need to be afraid of what other people might think of me and say to me. I feel jealous and disappointed in myself easily. Jealous because my fellow humans can socialize better or they can handle a situation better than me. I constantly compare myself to others. I always measure myself to others’ potential. I do not believe in myself. I constantly doubt myself. I have lack of faith in myself. Now, trust me I am way better than what I used to be. I find that I am easily attached to a person, and if that happens I always stick to them. I don’t want anything else. I do not feel like exploring new places, new people. NEXT problem : I sleep a lot. I want to hide from people and life and therefore I sleep. I do not know why but I just cannot wake up. I am not energized. Especially in winters. Now, summers is a different story.

I’m so sorry to keep rambling like this. But I find comfort in writing my problems to strangers or some void maybe? But you stranger, if you do relate with my problems please do share with me! 🙂

And I promise my next post will be something absolutely positive about my travels in Europe. I DO, I love love love living in Europe.

RANDOM – I found a new song which I liked today. So,  link to the song.

See ya guys!

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Yada Yada Yada

With just two weeks more for me to move to France. I am stuck in a bubble of depression. A mixture of home sickness, leftover feelings for some one and endless trauma. It’s always best to keep yourself engaged which is what I had been doing until this week happened. I had been busy all these days with my french classes, family and clean ups during the week end. Clean ups? Yes that’s what it is. I do clean ups in beaches and lakes around my local city. I found these events on FB and honestly it was a fabulous way to rediscover yourself and meet new people! I will make a separate post on clean ups and the drastic absurd growth of plastic on our Earth. My mother told my that I am always stuck to bed. It is true, if I could calculate the time I’ve spent sleeping in my life it would be more than half. YES, I feel terrible about it and I’m trying to do something about it. That’s why I started volunteering and I feel really good about it! So why the depression? Well. My mother had to go to Kolkata for a week and felt my energy go along with her when she left. I had to strive hard to be motivated and do work. So I focused on doing household chores that my mother would otherwise do at home. With my close friend who had spent almost every minute the previous week was the opposite and it was quite an energy drain that week. Thanks to my french classes my mind is focused on something and I’m still alive! Earlier I was detached, hence my mind was free of drama. Now drama has drilled a hole in my head. I am going to come out of it. Being detached is better. At least when you’re single.clean up


The word is that I’m moving to France in a couple of months. Therefore have been busy with my French classes. And the legal work like visa. My grandmother is staying with me for a month just before I leave so I could spend time with her. And also pick up some easy peasy super healthy recipes from her to cook there. So I’m moving to Lille to study Food Science for two years. In my free time I mostly spend time with my family. I go out with my friends to watch a movie, go to the beach and eat out. But, lately I don’t feel inclined to eat out ( except biriyani of-course me being a veggie). I like trying new things like recently I had a drink called bubble tea. I had passion fruit based bubble tea.

bubble tea

I am also looking at a lot of DIY projects like making rose water toner, crochet etc. I spend most of my free time idly surfing on instagram or reading the BBC. I read my french story book or my english novel during my train journey. I have to admit that I have not been working out.

I am a health freak and I make sure I eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits especially conscious that I need to get iron into my system.

I find solace with nature and love gardening and going for walks in wild vegetated regions. Owing to good weather every evening I go out for walks.



Smoothie for hair?! Yes please!

So in my next home remedy hair blog I would like to share this wonderful vital recipe for hair which I call the super green intensive smoothie! I usually do this regularly, every weekend.

Super green intensive smoothie

What you’ll need;

Now before I start I want to say that all these were picked out from my garden.

  • Neem Leaves ( A handful)
  • Hibiscus leaves
  • Aloe Vera
  • Milk

Neem : Has medicinal properties. It is so bitter and concentrated that it would wipe off lice, dandruff and any fungal infection.

Hibiscus : Has a natural shine property, conditioning effect. Also, used to retain blackness of hair. (If you have black hair).

Aloe Vera : Now we all know aloe is super good. It gives a natural lustre to hair. Makes the hair roots strong, smooth and less frizzy.

Milk : PROTEIN!! YAY. Protein is always good! The protein in milk called casein helps to grow thick roots of hair that won’t get damaged easily in exposure to pollution, hence no split ends!

All you need to do is blend this together. Apply this to oiled hair. Why oiled? Because oiled hair usually makes the hair free off tangles, it clumps all the dirt together. Apply the smoothie to oiled hair and keep it for 15 – 30 minutes.

Wash off with warm water, apply a mild shampoo ( very little amount ) and rinse off in cold water.

VoilĂ !

Here you go!


Comment your reviews below!

Book Review – Almost Single

Almost Single – Advaita Kala

Basically it is a casual read. More like train travellers kind of read. So I’ve been going to French classes daily. It takes one hour from my home. Hence, this read for the train.

Genre – Romance, humour.

I particularly liked this book because it values friendship more than the fairy tale romance. Clearly depicts the life of late 20s, early 30s age. It is about a woman who has two very close female besties. They wine and dine and bitch about life. All three are quite well off and can afford to wine and dine quite in fashion. Cliché. I know. But for a 20 something girl who is single and is trying to be independent this is exactly what I want.

Humorous because the style of writing is quite down to earth. Like an every day conversation where we mentally scold ourselves for something stupid that we did. The narrator is klutzy, funny and a very individualistic person. She has her own charming persona, oh and she doesn’t have super hot figure. To put it in exact terms “graciously proportioned”.

She drinks, eats a lot, is aware of her health consequences and she doesn’t complain about it. She has a typical Indian household mother, marriage pressures piling up reminding of her age. Essentially, single women and Indian customs make a good masala (drama). It’s fun and entertaining to read.

I especially enjoyed the superstitious part that Indians rely on for every occasion. It’s quite amusing. Safe to say it was cute to read about single ladies fasting for karva chauth. (More about Karva Chauth)

Ending kind of disappointed me – I really hate clichĂ© scenes where the girl/boy runs off to airport to meet their lover. Or immediately catches flight to surprise their lover. I really do hate such repeated endings. Fairytale endings are cute and stuff but I think our generation is way past that stage. Yeah so this book sort of goes on those lines.

If by chance, anybody wishes to give this book a try here is the link to know about the author and the book.

Almost Single



Is it better to stay single than be with a person you don’t like?

Okay, this got me thinking. I prefer the former. I know being alone is miserable but isn’t it better than the constant feeling of someone nagging you or just the feeling that you crave for some alone time but you don’t get? What if you want to meet other people but you can’t since you’re committed to this person for the rest of your life.

I know you cannot realise whether you’re gonna run out of love with that person. But this thought is constantly pounding my head. Maybe because I am going through a rough time meeting someone who can make me sit on the edge of my seat, bite my nails in anticipation or send shivers. I know all these are fairy tale stuff but isn’t all this necessary for feelings to run wild?

My friend asked me recently whether I would marry and have kids. Honestly with the current situation, I have lost belief in love (long lasting love). To add on marriage and kids? No for me. I don’t want to enter a strangled commitment where you’re bound to carry out certain duties. Now, I’m being biased here with my opinions about marriage. BUT, AGAIN it’s because of my rough patch.

I do not pray to god that I meet someone who will keep me at my shoes or make me believe in marriage. I am just going to go with the flow. Whatever comes I will take it. Every experience is a lesson in itself isn’t it?

I just pray to god to give me enough will and strength to get through all these.

Bustling life

Hello Readers!

It is me again. Well life is so fast paced, if you just take a moment and pause you realise you get to learn so much. Well, for one I learnt a lesson. Okay before I go into the misery of life. Let me tell you how Sunday went by.


Fabulously slow lazy day! Guess what? I took my bath in the late evening. I was supposed to go out. Well I was supposed to do many things, but eh! All I did was sleep, eat (a lot :P), read my book ( I’ll do a review on that later.) , did some blogging of course and eternally being online in social media. Ikr MY LIFESTYLE IS SO NOT INSPIRING! If someone could motivate me here, I’d bake them my famous chocolate chip cookies!! Anyway, what I wanted to share with you guys is that I made a banana- oats- honey scrub!

Banana- oats- honey mash.

OMG. It’s the best I tell you! I used it for my body and face. Basically I wanted to scrub my feet, after a long week. But ended up doing for the whole body.

I used;

2 really ripe bananas

2 spoons of oats

A dollop of honey

And the result?

banana oats honey

So gorgeous, silky texture that I ate two spoons. LOL.

My Sunday ended well.

Mondays are really the worst.

I am going to this french class so I have to get up early, get ready, eat my breakfast and catch a train in order to attend my class at 10 a.m. Class is really good though! But the upsetting part is that every Mondays my working friend gets an off and we are supposed to have gone out like a month back. It turns out that I have been anticipating the meet and my friend doesn’t care at all. Okay, he was my oldest friend and him being like this is a lot to digest. So after the class, giving a 100 calls to ask him about the plan. Well! His phone was switched off! No more waiting for you friend! Okay, this post was not about me rambling. It is to say some things which you really want it to happen ACTUALLY DON’T. I’m sure it’s happened to a lot of you. It has happened to me a LOT. Always!

Hopefully the next post will be something cheery! Until then au revoir!